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Whether you are managing a business or your household, we are flexible and work scale services to meet your business and personal demands for legal services.  We have acted as general counsel for successful small businesses.  

Estate Planning: Wills,Trusts and Probate.

After you make it you have to manage it.  Many individuals use Trusts to plan for the future, we creation the estate plan you need.  

Corporations, LLCs and Partnerhips

Entrepreneurs continue to grow the US economy.  We can assist in the creation of your business and with issues related to employees or simply answer questions about issues that have your current attention. 

Selling or Buying your Home.

New lending practices, new construction, condominiums all create new and unique circumstances throughout Illinois.   Let our experience work for you in your efforts.  

Consumer Bankruptcy

As business restructure, workers and employees find themselves in difficult financial situations.  We can help.  Contact us to find out more about bankruptcy and other options. 

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Business Opportunities Require the Right Organization

Looking for Solutions  in the details is how we work to achieve your objectives.

We work with businesses to craft solutions.  Whether it is acquisition of assets, leasing, or issues related to employment, we are able to assist you with determining your options and achieving your goal. 

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Relationships Matter Because Your Success Depends on It!


Whether you are purchasing a business, real estate or in need of a Will, we listen to your concerns to assist in your effort to determine the possibilities. 

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Our practice has grown at this location over the last 23 years 


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